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You know the type, usually spun after a bit of alcohol has been consumed at the bar. Boating yarns are as much a part of boating as feeling the water under your feet. We have also included the odd factual news item for good measure. Please send us any stories or news item you would like added. Go on I know there are heaps of stories out there just waiting to be told.

Sailing and Power Boat Regattas in Argentina
For the last 100 years Argentina has been the home to international
regattas and off shore competitions in Latin America.

The Fortuna, a Famous Argentine Sailing Ship
The life and salvage of the Fortuna, a famous Argentine sailing ship.

10 Ways to Entertain Yourself at the Telecom Shed
Micheif and mayhem in Auckland's America's Cup Viaduct village.

Go with the Flow - A NZ Drift Boat Story
What's a drift boat? Read on and all will be revealed

A Recreational Lake for Manawatu?
You could soon be sailing in the heart of the Manawatu.

Escape to Cuba
Sailing to Cuba in a small dinghy.

South Pacific Delivery
American biological weapons testing in the South Pacific.

The Tauranga Boys do Kawau
Training week or outward bound course?

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