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Why Advertise on The Boating Info Centre?

Quality: We were the only boating site that made it into NetGuide's Top500. Given two stars by britannica.com placing it in the top five sailing sites on the net according to one of the oldest sources in the world. Quality articles and services have also seen The Boating Info Centre listed in many other off-line publications.

top 500, top 10 in category worldwide

Popularity: Ranked number 7 most popular sports site in New Zealand by AccessNZ. Stats produced independently by hitwise.

Uniqueness: We have the most identifiable boating domain name in New Zealand.

Statistics: All advertising sold comes with complete transparent tracking. You will know how many people saw your ad and clicked on it each day, month, country they were from and the click through ratio and percentage.

Recognition: Previous advertisers on The Boating Info Centre have included:

Ford Motor Company

Flexibility: Three basic forms of advertising are available on The Boating Info Centre. Other forms however can be arranged, simply by contacting us with your requirements. Payment per click through is also possible on negotiation but is dependent on the creatives used.

Banner and Leaderboard Advertising

Standard 468 x 60 banner or 728 x 90 sized leaderboard advertising placed above the fold rotated around all pages in The Boating Info Centre. Averages a 2.5% click through rate for targeted advertising. Note CPM stands for cost of a thousand impressions, an impression is one ad view.

Price: On Application


We accept 160 x 600 wide skyscrapers and the standard 120 x 600 sized skyscrapers. Your ad will be rotated around all the pages of The Boating Info Centre.

Price: On Application


Standard 468 x 60 banner placed above the fold and at the bottom of the page. Caption included with each banner to the effect of "This page brought to you by your company." Also the only advert on the page. Available for any page in The Boating Info Centre bar the front page and the sailing page.

Price: On Application

Banner Advertising Below the Fold

Standard 468 x 60 banner placed at the bottom of a page rotated around all pages in The Boating Info Centre. Averages a .9% click through rate for targeted advertising.

Price: On Application

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