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Sailing and Power Boat Regattas in Argentina

Author: Bob Frassinetti
Published: June, 2004

For the last 100 years Argentina has been the home to international
regattas and off shore competitions in Latin America.

This country’s passion for water sports and sail trips began during the last
years of the nineteenth century, when a few of the most well brought young
boys of our society’s most respectful families engaged in an incredible
adventure as they sailed through the Atlantic coasts towards the southern
Patagionia lands. Mr. Hortencio Aguirre Anchorena and some of his closest friends got together after the amazing experience and decided to open the Yacht Club Argentino.

It was a few months latter when the first sail regatta took place in our
country. This was one of the biggest events in the southern continent at
that time, all the most important families and personalities open their busy
schedules to witness it. “It was unforgettable”, this is the impression that
can be traced down through the papers of that time. It must have been, for
these chick events haven’t stopped ever since.

Buenos Aires Yacht Club Lighthouse

Located in the port area of Argentina’s capital city Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires Yacht Club lighthouse was built during the late 20s of the twentieth century. Its aesthetics had been marked by a world-wide architectural trend: Art Decó. One can see in its delicate straight lines how the architects in charge of building this lighthouse blend functionality and art, including many decorative inputs to the basic construction, mixing up different materials to get the most out of each one of them. The BA Yacht Club is located in the Puerto Madero area that during the early years of the twentieth century was the city’s most important port, today it’s busy port days are over, it has become one of BA’s most exquisite places. Old port houses have been renewed into gourmet restaurants of outstanding quality, out of the top hotels, a very exclusive residential area, and of course our city’s Yacht Club, a majesties gathering point for outdoor activities for all the family.

After this initial foundation, many other yacht, sail and boating clubs
appeared, and were very welcome by our society, and still are.

Buenos Aires is a port side city; its shores are bathed by the waters of one
of the world’s widest river, the Rio de la Plata, as well as by the foamy
shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Just across the Rio de la Plata is our neighbor
slash brother country, Uruguay. This excellent fluvial location is very well
taken advantage by all those sea lovers who enjoy not only sailing and
cruising but as well very much appreciate these kinds of sports. And
although, as we said before, Argentina has always hosted all sorts of events
of this kind, for the last few years the feeling for these kind of sports
has grown bigger and bigger, experiencing with off the top locations, both
in Argentina and Uruguay.

In summertime the beloved location has become Punta del Este, just a few
hours away from BA, in Uruguay. The over the top summer resort that welcomes the crème de la crème of all Latin America, and during the last few years has also been the chosen destination for many Americans and Europeans for its gorgeous beaches, its broad night life, and of course, because it is proven that Punta –as the frequent visitors call it- is the top place to be in during January and February. The famous summertime regattas go from the Argentinean Delta to the Punta del Este port. The Delta also hosts famous regattas, very well known for their international level. Mar del Plata, the seaside host to these events has historically been a luxurious beach resort in Argentina, offering the visitors the best of our traditions and lifestyle.

These southern portside cities that welcome hundreds of sea loving visitors
every day, have proven them right in their choices, for their comfort,
luxury and style are the best perfect match to these outstanding water

Bob Frassinetti is an Argentinean writer and welcomes your thoughts and comments on his articles. His e-mail address is:

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