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10 Ways to Entertain Yourself at the Telecom SHed

Bang smack in the middle of a public park exists a great big ten, the Telecom Shed to be exact. Never one to be overjoyed at big business intruding into a public place I was at first very cynical.

Free entry, friendly staff and most importantly buckets full of the latest technology soon changed my mind. You see the thing about the latest technology is that no really knows how to use it and is thus secured of it. Well my friends be afraid no more fiddle, hack play with all this technology at the shed for free courtesy of Telecom.

Of course the really great thing about new technology is that even the inventors and experts really have no idea what it can be used for. We here at The Boating Info Centre present 10 ways to while away many an hour at the shed.


Take a photo of yourself or even better of a nearby attractive member of the public and send to friends email addresses via the latest mobile phones.


Make all those anonymous phone calls for free from the various cellphones located around the shed. Useful for having fun at a friends expense.


Ever wondered what all those gizmo's on the latest model cellphones actually do? Find out Telecom has their latest models on display.


Laugh at the Swedish programmers that did not realise yachts tacked upwind. Makes Victory's challenge all the more impressive!


Stand in front of the big screens linking the shed with Wellington and Christchurch and invent a new means of communication. Or just laugh at others doing nothing but waving for two minutes.


Make a video of yourself and send it to your friends via email.


Use the base facilities to surf the web and send free emails


Watch a new release movie streamed through Jetstream.


Play on the Xbox's. Wonder when Microsoft will attempt a sailing game?

Take part in a grinding competition on a part replica of a Team New Zealand hull.

I am beginning to think Telecom should sponsor this site! If you find any fun things to do at the shed please let us know. Not nearly as much fun but the Telecom Shed can also be visited online.

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