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Startegy - Golden Rules

When it comes to which part of the race course to sail to there are some golden rules. Follow the below rules of thumb to maximise your chances of racing success.

  • On a short beat keep to the right - hand side of the course.
  • Find out which way the current or tide is flowing.
  • Head for deep water and the outside of bends when the tide is with you (the opposite when the tide is against you).
  • If everything is equal, tack up a 60 - degree cone.
  • Stay well inside the lay lines.
  • Tack on headers.
  • Sail towards the centres of wind bends.
  • On a one - sided beat, sail the long leg first.
  • When sailing cross - tide, point into the tide and use a transit to sail a straight course "over the land".
  • Gybe on wind shifts.
  • Choose the gybe that takes you most directly to the leeward mark.
  • Keep strong tides under your lee bow.
  • Go for the downwind end of the finish line.

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