America's Cup Basher Jailed

Benjamin Peri Nathan, who was found guilty of a charge of Wilful Damage relating to an attack on the America's Cup, was sentenced to a prison term today, in Auckland. Nathan was sentenced to a jail term of two years and 10 months in the Auckland District Court. The maximum for the offence is five years jail.

On leaving the court, Nathan made threats against the Crown Prosecutor, however no further action was taken. The sentence is cumulative on a term of 18 months jail that Nathan had received for other crimes. His total term is now four years and four months. He will be eligible for parole after serving half this term. In sentencing Nathan, the judge noted that this was the 17th occasion that Nathan had appeared in Court for sentencing on various charges, and this was not in keeping with a single act by a person holding deep convictions on a particular protest issue.

In public comment on the sentencing, it has been noted that Nathan has received a greater sentence for damaging the America's Cup, than he did for armed robbery (with a butchers knife). But both terms were less than the three years prison that one Freddie Angel, a 38 year old Southland farmer received today, for attempting to smuggle a Tuatara out of New Zealand.

Suspected America's Cup Basher Moved

Benjamin Peri Nathan, the guy that attacked the America's Cup with a sledgehammer has been moved to a more secure prison after being beaten up several times by other inmates. The inmates apparently told him "This is for what you did to our cup". Why is that criminals are the most patriotic?

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